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FEB 2024
Beyond Crop Yields

This article by Dr Vatsala Koul and Dr Mandira Kochar engages the readers with the concern of rising global food demand which is highly likely to escalate by 70% by 2050. To increase crop yield, farmers make extensive use of chemical fertilizers. This practice has a number of negative consequences on both environment and human health. This calls for sustainable practices of augmenting crop yield. By promoting these practices, we can mitigate climate change impacts, empower vulnerable communities, and build sustainable future for all.

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Revolutionizing the Polymer Industry: Shaping Sustainable Biopolymer-based Solutions

Article by Prabhpreet Kaur, Professor Himadri B. Bohidar and Dr Ruchi Agrawal is autobiographical in nature. Authors share their insights on the escalating concerns of petrochemical plastics. They also highlight, it is high time, mankind shifts its focus of research and development objectives towards the synthesis of biodegradable polymers and their derivatives to make this industry environmentally benign.

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India's Energy Transition: Unravelling Fiscal Challenges and Institutional Concerns

India's transition towards clean energy is certain to pose significant fiscal challenges. Fossil fuels have traditionally been a significant revenue source for the government, this article by Dr Laveesh Bhandari and Dr Rajat Verma, has been dedicated to the fiscal implications that are to be borne in mind to arrive at equilibrium in the taxes. Policymakers can navigate through these issues and establish a robust fiscal framework by considering a mix of conventional and non-conventional forms of taxes.

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Women Farmers' Leadership in Climate Change Adaptation

'Feminization' of Indian agriculture sector forms the subject matter of this engaging article contributed by Dr Nitya Nanda and Dr Susmita Mitra. Addressing the challenges faced by women farmers is crucial for achieving climate justice and sustainable development. Moreover, sustainable development emphasizes the need to enhance community resilience and strengthening the resilience of women farmers could contribute to the overall resilience of rural communities.

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Unlocking a Greener Future with Conscious Living

Embarking on a journey towards sustainable living begins with the evaluation of our daily practices and their impact on the environment. As we navigate a world grappling with environmental challenges, recent events like COP28 have underscored the urgency of transitioning to clean energy and revaluating our lifestyles and consumption patterns. This article by Priyanka Anand delves into the concept of sustainability and its significance and offers practical ways of embracing eco-friendly practices in our daily lives.

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Role of Local Leadership in Attaining Sustainable Development Goals

The present article makes the readers aware on the pertinence of local leadership in realizing the mandates of SDGs. Anuradha Saigal and Divya Bawa have relevantly explained the motivating factors that could drive local leaders to contribute to the SDGs, followed by the reasons attributable for their failure, and concluded by the solutions for strengthening local leadership, for fostering effective and sustainable solutions. Authors are of the opinion that empowering local leaders with diverse support is crucial for achieving local outcomes that not only align with community priorities but contribute to global sustainability goals.

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Sustainable Delivery of Green Power: Enabled by Core, Power Electronics, and Digital Technologies

This article by Akilur Rahman reinforces our comprehension of some of the relevant issues and solutions pertaining to green energy generation. In this regard, power electronics and digital technologies have responsible roles to play for realization of seamless and emission-less generation, distribution, and consumption of energy.

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Addressing Urban Floods in Indian Cities: Bridging Inequities for Enhanced Resilience

Reducing flood vulnerability can play a significant role in reducing inequity among the urban poor even if exposed to recurrent floods. Article by Dr Debolina Kundu and Vaishnavi T. G. Shankar stresses on the investment in well-designed storm water drains, upgraded housing infrastructure, and improved access to basic services. It is not merely an infrastructure upgrade; it is a vital step towards ensuring safety, well-being, and future sustainability of marginalized communities. As cities evolve, prioritizing the resilience of those who are most vulnerable becomes not only a moral imperative but also a strategic necessity for building a more inclusive and resilient urban landscape.

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Pioneering Climate Finance in India

Through this article, Manish Chourasia, has shed light on the significance of climate finance to reduce repercussions associated with climate change. India's plans on mitigating climate change are facing limitations, largely due to the insufficient capacity of the involved institutions. This has created a void in sector's understanding, hindering the flow of channelled capital into the sector. The author has explained how Tata Group has been instrumental in mainstreaming the renewable energy sector and is working to make the emerging cleantech segments more attractive. The organization is focused on its chosen sectors and markets, working with partners to channelize necessary expertise, capital and realize India's climate goals.

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COP 28: Fractured World, Fragile Future | New Era for International Cooperation

Article contributed by Ripu Bhanjan Singh gives an overview of how India can become the architect of a collaborative climate action blueprint—one that inspires the entire world. The author establishes with apt examples how India can realize its potential of being a global leader in mitigating climate change.  India's bold proposal to host COP33 in 2028 isn't just a promise, it's a power play. It's a chance to rebuild trust, not just with the world, but especially with the Global South. This is a monumental opportunity for developing nations to join forces with India and shift the narrative from pledges to tangible results.

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India's Road Map to COP33: Keeping the Momentum on Climate Leadership

Article penned by Meera Gopal addresses and explains India's position, commitment, and contribution towards constructive discussions on climate change, especially in the context of the Global South. The text also highlights, despite having the lowest per capita emissions among G20 nations, India led the charge in adopting significant climate initiatives during its G20 presidency.  With the proposal to host COP33 in 2028, it is certain that India will continue to lead on climate action through pragmatic internationalism to find multilateral solutions in an increasingly polarized world.

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Nominations open for CSP Today India awards 2013

The inaugural CSP Today India awards ceremony takes place on March 12, and CSP developers, EPCs, suppliers and technology providers can now be nominated.

CSP has made tremendous progress since the announcement of the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission in 2010. With Phase I projects now drawing closer to completion, the first milestone in India's CSP learning curve is drawing closer. CSP Today has chosen the next CSP Today India conference (12-13 March, New Delhi) as the time for the industry to reflect upon its progress and celebrate its first achievements.

At the awards ceremony, industry leaders will be recognized for their achievements in one of 4 categories: CSP India Developer Award, CSP India Engineering Performance Award, CSP India Technology and Supplier Award, and the prestigious CSP India Personality of the Year.

Matt Carr, Global Events Director at CSP Today, said at the opening of nominations that CSP Today are excited to launch these esteemed awards, which will enhance the reputation of their recipients. I am particularly excited to launch the CSP India Personality of the Year award, a distinguished honor for the industry figure deemed worthy by their peers."

All eyes will be on the CSP Today India 2013 Awards when nomination entry closes on March 4 and the finalists are announced on March 11. The awards are open to all industry stakeholders to nominate until March 4 at or by e-mail to

Matt Carr
+44 (0) 20 7375 7248