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Current Issue - Volume 14 Issue 3 (June 2021)

Cover story

Altered River Flows and Nature's Fury: Need for Efficient Water Resources Management

The theme of this year’s World Environment Day is Ecosystem Restoration. Ecosystem restoration can take many forms, such as growing trees, greening cities, rewilding gardens, changing diets or cleaning up rivers and coasts. In this regard, Simi S Nair says that human-induced drivers, such as dams, sand mining, over-extraction of groundwater, land use land cover changes, and indiscriminate disposal of untreated non-biodegradable solid wastes have significantly altered river ecosystems, impaired river water quality, and simultaneously increased the severity of disasters, such as droughts and floods.

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Restore Land; Sustain Lives; Promote Equality: World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought

In this article, Biba Jasmine helps deconstruct various ways in which the rate of land degradation and desertification can be seized. Given an understanding, desertification has an impact on the land area causing poverty rise, food insecurity, and high mortality rates, among other hardships, further leading to impoverishment, migration, and conflict. It is imperative to gauge ways in which land degradation and desertification have implications on ecosystem functioning and livelihoods. Let us come together this World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought and identify need for the concurrent attainment of social equity, environmental health, and economic wealth through addressing the challenge of land desertification, and degradation.

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Maneka Speaks

Vegan Leather: Prevents Pollution and Animal Cruelty

The leather industry is not only death for animals but also extremely dangerous for us as the rivers are polluted with toxic chemicals. The industry is a major contributor to global warming. Maneka Sanjay Gandhi writes about plant-based leather or vegan leather, the ethical and cruelty-free alternative to traditional leather.

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TERI Analysis

'Paani Bachao, Paisa Kamao' Scheme: Another Innovation in Punjab

To address the electricity–water–agriculture nexus problem in Punjab that has long confined the farmers, power utilities, consumers, and governments, an innovative approach was the need of the hour. In this article, Apoorva Bamal, Prajnasish Swain, and Amit Kumar tell us about the innovative ‘Paani Bachao, Paisa Kamao’ scheme in Punjab.

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Special Report

Sustainable Nitrogen Management: Desideratum of the Decade and Afar

In this article, Dr Anil Pratap Singh highligths that there is an urgent need for sustainable nitrogen management as nitrogen pollution threatens to become a major environmental challenge in the years to come.

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Role of RWAs: In Coping Up with COVID-19 Pandemic

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs) throughout India have been participating in many relief, reassuring, and rehabilitation programmes of the COVID-affected localities. Some of the major tasks taken up by them are discussed in this article.

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In Conversation

"CDRI Promotes Resilient Infrastructure to Withstand Climate and Disaster Risks"

Sandeep Poundrik is the Director General, Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure (CDRI). Here, he is in an exclusive email conversation with Abhas Mukherjee for TerraGreen. read more

Special Feature

Green Warrior: Risking Life and Limb to Save Plants

Amid the chaos caused by the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, only a handful of ‘unsung’ green warriors such as Dharmesh Barai have risen to the occasion to ensure lives, beyond human, stay protected too. Read on to know more about his green endeavour…

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Green Challenges

Are We Ready for a Circular Economy?: Challenges and Solutions

On the occasion of World Environment Day on June 5, Ram Ramprasad presents his views on circular economy and feels that it is time for all stakeholders, individual citizens, companies, and global leaders to start dismantling old paradigms of thought and action. Building a circular economy is the responsibility of every individual, not just governments.

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Nominations open for CSP Today India awards 2013

The inaugural CSP Today India awards ceremony takes place on March 12, and CSP developers, EPCs, suppliers and technology providers can now be nominated.

CSP has made tremendous progress since the announcement of the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission in 2010. With Phase I projects now drawing closer to completion, the first milestone in India's CSP learning curve is drawing closer. CSP Today has chosen the next CSP Today India conference (12-13 March, New Delhi) as the time for the industry to reflect upon its progress and celebrate its first achievements.

At the awards ceremony, industry leaders will be recognized for their achievements in one of 4 categories: CSP India Developer Award, CSP India Engineering Performance Award, CSP India Technology and Supplier Award, and the prestigious CSP India Personality of the Year.

Matt Carr, Global Events Director at CSP Today, said at the opening of nominations that “CSP Today are excited to launch these esteemed awards, which will enhance the reputation of their recipients. I am particularly excited to launch the CSP India Personality of the Year award, a distinguished honor for the industry figure deemed worthy by their peers.”

All eyes will be on the CSP Today India 2013 Awards when nomination entry closes on February 4 and the finalists are announced on February 11. The awards are open to all industry stakeholders to nominate until February 4 at or by e-mail to

Matt Carr
+44 (0) 20 7375 7248