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Current Issue - Volume 14 Issue 2 (May 2021)

Cover story

Rajaji National Park: A Biodiversity-rich Landscape in the Lap of River Ganga

Rajaji National Park is a magnificent ecosystem nestled in the Shivalik range and the beginning of the vast Indo-Gangetic Plains, representing rich floral and faunal diversity. The Park constitutes an important repository of the wild fauna and the last refuge of a number of threatened animal species in the lesser Himalayan zone and upper Gangetic plains. Considering the abundance of nature's bounties heaped in and around the Park, the area attracts a large number of wildlife conservationists, nature lovers, and eco-tourists. On the occasion of International Day for Biological Diversity (May 22), Dr Ritesh Joshi and Kanchan Puri have expressed their views about the wilderness and biodiversity of the Rajaji's landscape, which is also a haven for Asian elephants.

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Electronic Pollution: An Environmental Monster

Air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution-these forms of pollution have been widely written about and spoken on. Ironically, not many know about electronic pollution, that poses a major challenge to the environment. What makes it even more detrimental for the environment is that it significantly contributes to all the other forms of pollution. Namrata Gulati Sapra talks about the monster called electronic pollution, which has been digging its toxic claws throughout Planet Earth and feeding off its energy more rapidly than the mind can imagine.

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Maneka Speaks

Less is More

Most people don't need more protein. They need less. Maneka Sanjay Gandhi exposes the mythology of protein and explains why it should come from plants, not animals.

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TERI Analysis

Bringing Down the Sun: To Power India's Small Enterprises

A study by TERI explored the feasibility and potential of solar PV applications in the micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSME) sector in rural India. In this article, Prashanta Kumar Swain tells us about the findings of this study. He feels that solar power can provide MSMEs in India a cleaner, reliable source of electricity that can be locally generated and maintained. Its proliferation, however, requires a policy push.

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Special Report

Rejuvenating Kedia: Using Multipoint Intervention

Although the Ganga-Yamuna doab is known to be the most fertile region of India, one is persistently struck at the impoverishment among agriculturists here. Delving into the problem some years ago, Greenpeace activists decided to look into the dynamics that lie at the root of it. Dr Rina Mukherji brings out the fact that it is to Kedia village's credit that her farmers and householders are showing the way by fighting climate change, using re-discovered, time-tested, home-grown methods on small landholdings.

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Pointless Plants: Incredible Story of Nathan from Planes to Plants

Twenty-three-year-old Nathan Raab lost his job as a commercial airline pilot during COVID-19, and decided to make a change from spraying jet-fuel over the planet to set up his own eco-friendly company instead, Pointless Plants. Here, we present his amazing journey and his pioneering initiative.

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In Conversation

'Heat Hampers Productivity at Work'

While weather conditions are known to impact productivity, a recent study has revealed that it gets harder for people to work when it gets hot, and this may lead to a reduction in national output in warmer years. Dr Anant Sudarshan, South Asia Director of the Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago (EPIC), co-authored this study with E Somanathan of the Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi; Rohini Somanathan of Delhi School of Economics; and Meenu Tewari of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. read more

Special Feature

Need for Women Empowerment: In Agriculture Sector

If you are visiting a village during the sowing season, hunching women planting seedlings is one of the most common sights. But thinking of a farmer always brings to our mind the image of a man. Probably that is why we often fail to see the plight of the women working in the fields. Despite being one of the biggest contributors to the gross domestic product (GDP), agriculture is still an unorganized sector and women working in the sector are the biggest casualty.

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Green Challenges

India's RE Capacity Goal by 2030: To Offset Major Carbon Emissions

In this article, Ramya Ranganath says that once all the sanctioned renewable energy projects attain fruition in 2021, and all the gaps are plugged, India is well underway towards achieving both its 2022 and 2030 target of 175 GW and 450 GW of renewable capacity, respectively. It will help India in achieving its intended nationally determined contributions.

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Nominations open for CSP Today India awards 2013

The inaugural CSP Today India awards ceremony takes place on March 12, and CSP developers, EPCs, suppliers and technology providers can now be nominated.

CSP has made tremendous progress since the announcement of the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission in 2010. With Phase I projects now drawing closer to completion, the first milestone in India's CSP learning curve is drawing closer. CSP Today has chosen the next CSP Today India conference (12-13 March, New Delhi) as the time for the industry to reflect upon its progress and celebrate its first achievements.

At the awards ceremony, industry leaders will be recognized for their achievements in one of 4 categories: CSP India Developer Award, CSP India Engineering Performance Award, CSP India Technology and Supplier Award, and the prestigious CSP India Personality of the Year.

Matt Carr, Global Events Director at CSP Today, said at the opening of nominations that “CSP Today are excited to launch these esteemed awards, which will enhance the reputation of their recipients. I am particularly excited to launch the CSP India Personality of the Year award, a distinguished honor for the industry figure deemed worthy by their peers.”

All eyes will be on the CSP Today India 2013 Awards when nomination entry closes on February 4 and the finalists are announced on February 11. The awards are open to all industry stakeholders to nominate until February 4 at or by e-mail to

Matt Carr
+44 (0) 20 7375 7248