JAN 2021  
Tiger Spotted Above 3,000 m Altitude for the First Time in Nepal

The Royal Bengal Tiger has been sighted at an altitude of 3165 m above sea level for the first time in Nepal, raising concerns about the impact of global warming on wildlife. The departments of forest and soil conservation, and national parks and wildlife conservation, confirmed it to be the first sighting of a ‘big cat’ at such a high altitude. The majestic Royal Bengal Tiger (Panthera tigris), the largest of all Asian big cats, was captured on November 13 and November 21, 2020 at an elevation of 3165 m by a camera trap set up in a forest in Illam district of eastern Nepal. It is the country's very first photographic evidence of tiger sighting in the mountains of the eastern region.

Source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/