Page 6 - Lesser Florican - Silent Decline from Historical Ranges
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Silent Decline from Historical Ranges

The lesser florican (Sypheotides indicus), also known as the likh or kharmore, belongs
to the bustard family and is the only member of the genus Sypheotides. The lesser
florican is a globally endangered bird that has lost over 90 per cent of its habitat. In this
article, Dr Surya Prakash presents an ethnobiological analysis on how slowly and
silently this beautiful bustard has vanished from its former historical ranges where once
it was in abundance.

During 1982–1989, Ravi Sankaran, the ‘Florican Man of India’

reported 60 per cent decline in their population which was alarming
but in 1994 it again increased by 32 per cent to 2,206 birds but this
rise was short-lived. Their population fluctuations are directly related

with breeding season and rainfall patterns.
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