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“A complete guide on

Wind Power”


Major topics covered
• Basic Technology of Electric
Power Generation from
• Selection of Turbine and
Energy Estimation
• Project Cost and Tariff
• Grid Management
• Repowering of Old Wind
Power Projects
• Technology Advancement
Including R&D
• Failures in Wind Turbines
and Remedial Measures
• Project implementation
• Offshore wind power

ISBN: 9789386530028 • Price: `995.00

Wind Power: Practical Aspects focuses on developing wind power projects
in India. It covers factors such as the selection of suitable sites, wind turbines,
erection, and commissioning. The book also analyses and explains estimation
of energy and cost. Various departments and organizations involved in the
process of project approval and implementation are included in detail. The
book explains grid management, repowering, development of offshore wind
power projects and wind–solar hybrid power projects. Probable accidents in
wind power projects, remedial measures, important statistical data of India
and the world are also covered.

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