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“Understanding resource security based
on trade, geopolitics, and efficiency”


Major topics covered

• Resource Security and the
Global Trade Dynamics

• Securing Resources Through
Global Cooperation

• Resource Geopolitics: A
Strategic Approach

• Resource Efficiency and
Resource Management

• Accessing Resources from
Global Market

• Impact of Export
Restrictions on Export of
Natural Resources

ISBN: 9789386530004 • Price: `595.00

India’s Resource Security: Trade, Geopolitics and Efficiency Dimensions aims
to understand the resource concerns of India from three perspectives—trade,
geopolitics, and efficiency. In addition to multilateral approaches, various forms
of cooperation including the possible formation of a resource bank; focused

resource-based engagement in South Asia and means to enhance bilateral
relations with India’s relevant allies and partners have been discussed. The book

also discusses a wide range of issues within the domain of resource security,
highlighting the major aspects that resource security encompasses: sustainable
resource development and extraction, production and use, trade and investments,

geopolitical considerations, intergovernmental and multilateral cooperation.

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