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Sanitation in India: On the Road to Cleanlinessa
The World Health Organization (WHO) states that sanitation generally refers to the provision of facilities and services for the safe disposal of human urine and faeces. Inadequate sanitation is a major cause of diseases worldwide and improving sanitation is known to have a significant beneficial impact on health, both in households and across communities. The word ‘sanitation’ also refers to the maintenance of hygienic conditions, through services such as garbage collection and waste disposal. Dr Mohammad Isa Ansari tells us more on this issue. .

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In Conversation

Re-centering Delhi

Pankaj Vir Gupta is Visiting Professor at the University of Virginia, School of Architecture and Principal of vir.mueller architects in New Delhi. Gitesh Sinha in conversation with Pankaj Vir Gupta for TerraGreen..

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Urban Lake Restoration: Increasing Climate Resilience

Urban regions in developing countries around the globe are facing long term challenges of increasing population, migration, and rapid urban growth. G K Bhat and Karan Shah write about the need to conserve water bodies as this process of rapid urbanization has caused the cities to engulf local water bodies as they expand..

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Green Tip of the Day
Install dual flush tanks or simply put a brick in your flush tank to reduce the amount of water expelled with every flush



Maneka Speaks

 Sustainable Diets: Re-engineering Food

By the time the 22nd century comes, the food will be entirely different. Most of the agricultural land will have been converted to buildings, so crops will not be grown naturally any more. So what will we be eating? It is better that we start experimenting on alternatives now. Maneka Sanjay Gandhi tells us more on this issue.



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TERI Analysis

Utilizing Electricity Access for Poverty Reduction: Getting the Desired Benefits of Electricity

The productive use of electricity can support sustained poverty reduction by enabling the creation and improvement of income-generating activities.

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Special Report

Climate Smart Agriculture: Tulsi and Other Innovative Practices

Agriculture is one of the most important means of survival in mountainous regions and changes in climatic conditions have adversely affected mountain ecosystems. Nitin Jugran Bahuguna tells us more about the efforts of farmers in Uttarakhand to combat climate change effects.

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Communities Budget to Safeguard Mothers: Improving Healthcare

An hour's drive from the bustling town of Chittorgarh—the celebrated land of heroic warriors in Rajasthan, meet Suman Jain, a modern-day 'soldier', from Bheru Singhji ka Kheda village, who is striving to provide equitable healthcare to mothers and children in the area. As a conscientious member of the Village Health Sanitation and Nutrition Committee (VHSNC), she is working closely with the community to enhance the quality of services provided at the nearby Health Sub-Centre (HSC), in addition to improving the state of sanitation and hygiene in their quaint hamlet. Annapurna Jha throws light on the work that is being done.

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Nominations open for CSP Today India awards 2013

The inaugural CSP Today India awards ceremony takes place on March 12, and CSP developers, EPCs, suppliers and technology providers can now be nominated.

CSP has made tremendous progress since the announcement of the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission in 2010. With Phase I projects now drawing closer to completion, the first milestone in India’s CSP learning curve is drawing closer. CSP Today has chosen the next CSP Today India conference (12-13 March, New Delhi) as the time for the industry to reflect upon its progress and celebrate its first achievements.

At the awards ceremony, industry leaders will be recognized for their achievements in one of 4 categories: CSP India Developer Award, CSP India Engineering Performance Award, CSP India Technology and Supplier Award, and the prestigious CSP India Personality of the Year.

Matt Carr, Global Events Director at CSP Today, said at the opening of nominations that “CSP Today are excited to launch these esteemed awards, which will enhance the reputation of their recipients. I am particularly excited to launch the CSP India Personality of the Year award, a distinguished honor for the industry figure deemed worthy by their peers.”

All eyes will be on the CSP Today India 2013 Awards when nomination entry closes on February 4 and the finalists are announced on February 11. The awards are open to all industry stakeholders to nominate until February 4 at or by e-mail to

Matt Carr
+44 (0) 20 7375 7248