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Current Issue - Volume 10 Issue 9 (December 2017)

Cover story

The Solid Waste Management Conundrum: Making the Swachh Bharat Mission Effective

The Clean India Mission was launched with the objective to construct household- and public toilets to combat and eliminate open defaecation and implement proper solid waste management along with generating information, education, and public awareness. Incidentally, a huge amount of solid waste is generated each day in India. If not collected, treated, and disposed of safely, this can cause grave environmental and health risks. Inadequate collection and disposal of solid waste encourages open dumping on street corners, public spaces, and drains. In this article, Sandip Sen suggests four major steps that could go a long way in tackling the growing menace of solid waste that is plaguing Indian cities.

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Microplastic Pollution in Coastal Ecosystems: A Serious Threat to Human Health and Marine Ecosystems

Microplastics, oceanic contaminants, are widely distributed in the marine environment. In this article, Dr Fraddry D'Souza and Ms Sanam Gaonkar investigate the abundance of microplastics in various coastal ecosystems of Goa and raise the issues of potential impacts on marine organisms and environment.

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Latest Issue
December 2017

Cover Story
The Solid Waste Management Conundrum: Making the Swachh Bharat Mission Effective

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Maneka Speaks

Vegetarian Hospitality: It is now possible for non-meat eaters to study Hotel Management

Many vegetarians refused to enroll in hotel management courses in India as their families did not want them to deal with meat. Maneka Sanjay Gandhi highlights the crusade that led the government to introduce the option of vegetarian cooking as part of the BSc degree programmes in the Central Institutes of Hotel Management.

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TERI Analysis

Flooded Cities: Is it the Weather or a Mismanaged System?/strong>

To understand a system and its dynamics in the context of floods, nothing could be more finely expressed the way John Hewlett did 40 years ago by querying on how the entire system operates-"Where does the water go when it rains? What flow path does it take to the stream? How long does it reside in the catchment? Suruchi Bhadwal and Prasoon Singh try to find answers to these questions as they analyse the problem of urban flooding in Mumbai and other cities in India.

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Special Report

Sand Mining in the River Ganga: Destroying Ecology, Devastating Environment

Sand mining in riverbeds is a practice that is used to extract sand through mining from riverbeds. Sand mining is a direct cause of erosion and also impacts the local wildlife. Here, Dr Rakesh Agrawal 'Ridh' points out the adverse impacts of sand mining in the River Ganga on the ecology and environment of Uttarakhand and particularly low-lying regions such as Haridwar. Excessive instream sand and gravel mining causes the degradation of rivers. He also highlights the struggle undertaken by the religious leaders of a Haridwar-based Ashram, Matri Sadan, to protest against the sand mining activities imposed by the State Government.

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Ushering in an Organic Revolution: Support and Training for Farmers with 'Farmers First' Motto

Likitha Bhanu, Founder and Director, Terra Greens Organic, spearheads an organic revolution that has taken 4,000 farmers under their wing. She tells Nicole Suares of her tryst with entrepreneurship.

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In Conversation

Inspired by Nature: Indian Scientists Converting Water into Hydrogen

Recently, researchers at the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)-National Chemical Laboratory in Pune were in spotlight for developing an artificial leaf that is capable of absorbing sunlight and using it to turn water into hydrogen. The research team is led by Dr C S Gopinath, Senior Principal Scientist at Catalysis Division and Center of Excellence on Surface Science, CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory in Pune. Here, he is in an exclusive email conversation with Abhas Mukherjee, for TerraGreen.

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Let There be Light: Solar Lights Benefitting the Community in the Sundarbans

Solar lights installed in the Sundarbans are helping in reducing human-wildlife interaction in the region and have improved livelihoods of the people in Sundarbans Biosphere Reserve, India, says Anindita Bidisha Chatterjee.

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Green Challenges

The Urbanization Dilemma: Economics and Possible Solutions

India's urban transformation is likely to propel it to the status of the third-largest economy by 2030 with its urban gross domestic product (GDP) accounting for 75 per cent of the total GDP. In this article, Megha Jain discerns the economics involved in the urbanization dilemma and concludes that the growing urbanization makes it imperative for respective governments to devise a strategy for the development of key sectors, such as transportation, affordable housing, employment, and environmental sustainability. Rather than restricting urbanization, policies should be designed to guide the urban development towards less energy-intensive conformation.

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Nominations open for CSP Today India awards 2013

The inaugural CSP Today India awards ceremony takes place on March 12, and CSP developers, EPCs, suppliers and technology providers can now be nominated.

CSP has made tremendous progress since the announcement of the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission in 2010. With Phase I projects now drawing closer to completion, the first milestone in India’s CSP learning curve is drawing closer. CSP Today has chosen the next CSP Today India conference (12-13 March, New Delhi) as the time for the industry to reflect upon its progress and celebrate its first achievements.

At the awards ceremony, industry leaders will be recognized for their achievements in one of 4 categories: CSP India Developer Award, CSP India Engineering Performance Award, CSP India Technology and Supplier Award, and the prestigious CSP India Personality of the Year.

Matt Carr, Global Events Director at CSP Today, said at the opening of nominations that “CSP Today are excited to launch these esteemed awards, which will enhance the reputation of their recipients. I am particularly excited to launch the CSP India Personality of the Year award, a distinguished honor for the industry figure deemed worthy by their peers.”

All eyes will be on the CSP Today India 2013 Awards when nomination entry closes on February 4 and the finalists are announced on February 11. The awards are open to all industry stakeholders to nominate until February 4 at or by e-mail to

Matt Carr
+44 (0) 20 7375 7248